Insight Works comprises a team of dedicated problem-solvers and developers, offering game-changing manufacturing and distribution solutions through Dynamics 365 Business Central apps. Insight Works is more than a name; it’s our mission – we transform insights into practical solutions that make a real difference.

What Does Insight Works Do?

Insight Works is your partner in operational success. We develop and support Dynamics 365 Business Central apps designed to enhance your manufacturing and distribution operations. Our innovative solutions cover warehouse management, shipping, manufacturing, and distribution. Our commitment doesn’t end with application delivery. We ensure seamless integration with your systems and offer ongoing support. We value the people we serve and strive to positively impact your business journey, consistently refining our solutions to meet the demands of an ever-evolving landscape.

Apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central

  • Advanced Inventory Count
  • Enhanced Planning Pack
  • Order Ship Express
  • Quality Inspector
  • Shop Floor Insights
  • Warehouse Insights
  • WMS Insights