Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform, offered by Amazon. It provides over 200 fully featured services from data centers globally. AWS is known for its variety of tools and features that cater to different aspects of computing, storage, databases, analytics, networking, mobile, developer tools, management tools, IoT, security, and enterprise applications. This versatility makes AWS a favored choice for startups, large enterprises, and government agencies, allowing them to save costs, improve agility, and innovate faster.

AWS offers a broad set of global cloud-based products including:

  • Compute: EC2, Lambda, Elastic Beanstalk
  • Storage: S3, Glacier, EBS
  • Database: RDS, DynamoDB, Aurora
  • Migration: AWS Migration Hub, Database Migration Service
  • Networking & Content Delivery: VPC, CloudFront
  • Developer Tools: CodeStar, CodeCommit
  • Management Tools: CloudWatch, Auto Scaling
  • Security & Identity Compliance: IAM, Certificate Manager
  • Machine Learning: SageMaker, Comprehend
  • Analytics: Athena, QuickSight
  • Internet of Things (IoT): IoT Core, IoT Analytics
  • Mobile Services: Amplify, AppSync
  • AR & VR: Sumerian
  • Application Integration: Step Functions, SNS

AWS’s cloud solutions provide the flexibility to launch applications regardless of the industry, helping businesses scale and grow.