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The Impact of Implementing Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations on Rombola Family Farms.

Rombola Family Farms:

Rombola Family Farms is a large-scale, progressive, privately owned horticultural business based in Nericon, Australia. The company owns over 4,000 hectares of premium horticultural land in New South Wales, Mataranka, and the Northern Territory.

It employs more than 300 seasonal contract employees and supplies fresh produce to all capital cities across Australia. Rombola Family Farms is a leading supplier of fresh produce, including melons, Broccoli, pumpkin,Honeydew Melons, Watermelons, and Rockmelons.The company is committed to sustainable farming practices and environmental protection.

Organization size

Medium (100-300 employees)


Nericon, NSW  Australia


Farming and Agriculture




Their existing systems worked in isolation with inadequate synergy. Moreover, their isolated systems led to duplicated data entry and inaccuracies, hindering efficiency.


They required an enterprise wide system that would cater to its diversified requirements in the areas of farm inventory & warehousing, sales & marketing, procurement and finance, enhance farm management, and ensure data visibility for informed decision-making.


Folio3 proposed to implement Dynamics 365 ERP for Rombola which would cater to each of their required departments. The implementation covered multiple functionality modules including finance, budgeting,general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, etc.

Understanding the Challenge

Rombola Family Farms faced a critical need for an enterprise-wide solution that could effectively address its diverse requirements spanning inventory and warehousing, sales and marketing, procurement, and finance. The existing information systems within these departments were either insufficient or operating in isolation, leading to the need for redundant data entry across various segments of the enterprise. The disjointed systems hindered seamless operations and efficient management of critical processes.

Rombola Family Farms approached Folio3, when they were struggling to scale their existing systems to support continued business growth and visibility of data. Already in the red-zone, the issues were severe and required immediate, concrete actions.

Siloed Systems

Rombola Family Farms systems weren't talking to each other efficiently, which made it hard for teams to communicate and collaborate.

Growth and Scale Issues

As the company grew rapidly, Rombola’s existing systems couldn't scale to meet the demands of the business, creating a ceiling for business growth.

Insufficient Reporting

The reporting capabilities were inadequate, making it difficult to make data-driven decisions.

Manual Processes and Human Errors

The company relied on manual data management processes, which were tedious, inefficient and prone to errors.

A Digital Solution for Agricultural

Our Approach

After conducting a thorough assessment of the current situation and identifying the primary challenges faced by Rombola Family Farms, we crafted a tailored blend of Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules designed to precisely address their specific requirements. Through the strategic transition of several manual processes to automated systems, we successfully optimized and simplified their financial & operational workflows.

Our Solution

To tackle the operational and financial challenges confronting Rombola Family Farms, we implemented Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solution. This solution effectively unified their financial processes and systems into a single, resilient platform, centralizing their data and facilitating scalability to support their business growth.

Dynamics 365 Modules implemented

Financial & Operations

Supply Chain

Business Outcomes

The Resulting

Folio3's D365 F&O implementation solution revolutionized Rombola Family Farms' operations. It digitized processes, automated manual tasks, and offered comprehensive data visibility for informed decision-making, along with scalability, security, and industry compliance. Overall, Rombola Family Farms witnessed heightened productivity and streamlined operations, setting them on a path of sustainable growth and innovation.

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