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    ๐Ÿ” The Most Difficult and The Easiest Farm Animals to Raise ๐Ÿฎ

    If someone is new to the farming business, the first step in making it a successful earning business is to choose what animals to raise and how to generate a good income. Some animals are easy to handle and others very difficult.

    Some farm animals are considered to be raised easily while others may be raised with difficulty. But all this depends on the handling capabilities of the person handling them.

    Easiest farm animals to raise : 

    Following are the easy to raise farm animals :

    • Pekin Ducks

    These ducks, in some regions across the world, are considered to be a very good source of meat and large eggs.They also require very less space.They can be considered easy animals to raise.

    • Rabbits

    Rabbits are also a good option.Feeding rabbits is not a problem because they can be fed on vegetables, leftovers, seeds etc and take up very little space to live. They too can be considered one the easiest farm animals to raise.

    • Chickens

    One of the most common and easiest farm animals to raise for profit all around the world are chickens,because these animals are a great source of eggs and meat.They also are considered to be one of the cheapest farm animals to raise because they require very little to no maintenance.

    • Goats 

    Goats are magnificent animals to add to your farm.They are a great source of meat, and are also great for dairy.

    They can become a little difficult to raise but if someone has even an intermediate level of experience of raising them, heโ€™s good to go.

    • Cows

    cows in farm

    A cow needs a good sized land to graze.

    They are a really good source of milk and meat. However, because of the amount of space they take up, it is fair to say that a cow is not an ideal choice for everyone. They too can be considered to be one of the easiest farm animals to raise to make profit.

    • Honey Bees 

    While most people do not consider raising honey bees on their manor, theyโ€™re actually pretty useful and magnificent creatures to raise and they require very little maintenance as well.

    The best thing about bees is you can get them for free and who doesnโ€™t like starting a small business and convert it into a successful business , that too for FREE ! They provide honey which helps to generate good income.

    • Sheeps 

    Sheep do not need much space to stay. The flock can be multiplied rapidly. Sheeps are an important source of generating income because they are economical converters of grass into meat and wool.


    • Fish 

    The most difficult farm animals to raise 

    Difficulty in raising farm animals is faced in many circumstances when the people handling such animals may not be either well educated about the farm animals or the animals themselves require too much maintenance and are not cost effective at all.

    1. Nigerian dwarf goats 
    2. Bulls – difficult to handle , less economical.
    3. Horses 
    4. Sheeps (can be included in this category as well because they are hard to fence and face Worm issues due to intense grazing.But if handled with care, they can become one of the easiest animals to raise)
    5. Donkeys
    6. Camelids


    Here are some tips in order to keep your farm animals happy and healthy: 

    • Be Prepared. Before you keep the farm animals and invest in them, educate yourself properly. Know what steps need to be taken in order to make sure they stay healthy, what precautions need to be taken, what type of food needs to be fed to them etc.
    • Start Small. Never invest a huge amount of money all at once.Start with baby steps. Don’t get chickens, ducks, pigs and goats all at once.Starting small also helps in keeping animals happy because you get to focus on all the animals.If you invest on a lot of animals all at once, you might not be able to give attention to all of them.
    • Get to know your animals.Try to understand their body languages, try to communicate with them and try to comprehend what may be a reason of discomfort for the animal and try to avoid all such things.
    • Keep Newborns Warm. It is really important because newborns are particularly very sensitive to harsh environments.
    • Colostrum- Colostrum contains high amounts of nutrients as well as non-nutrient factors that promote the immunity and is good for intestinal maturation of the animal.It helps the newborn combat infections.
    • Keep them healthy – Proper feed is the key to raising animals and keeping them happy and healthy.If animals are not fed properly, not only will they be more prone to certain infections and diseases but it will also make them unhappy and they may try to escape.
    • Keep them away from predators – Animals such as hens , sheeps etc who are more susceptible to attack from predators need to be protected.
    • Groom your animals – Keep your animals in good shape and form. Clean them regularly to help them stay healthy and happy.
    • Provide nutritious food – In order to keep animals healthy, you need to make sure that the food is nutritious and contains all of the essential nutrients the animal needs to stay healthy.
    • Clean water availability – In order to make sure that the animals stay healthy and free of any infections or diseases, make sure the water is clean and is not contaminated.Keep an eye on the source of water.
    • Keeping animals within their herds – Most of the farm animals feel more comfortable and happy when they have other members of their herd around. Make sure that you keep them close to their friends.
    • Using advanced softwares to keep a track of everythingDifferent softwares have been developed to monitor the health of animals.From herd management to vaccinations and treatments of animals, softwares like Agrierp keep a record of everything so that you can convert your farm into a smart farm.

    Some animals may be easy for some people to raise but thy may be difficult for others to raise.This totally depends on the personal experience of a person.For example, sheeps and goats are considered to be one of the most difficult farm animals to raise and for others who have experience in handling such animals consider them one of the easiest farm animals to raise.

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