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    Agriculture Solutions Providers That are Transforming Agriculture

    In today’s digital era, when every other sector is incorporating modern technology in their day-to-day businesses, it’s high time to assess for the policymakers which sectors need to be prioritized to be transformed digitally in order to make the most optimum use of resources and to achieve the highest productivity. 

    Importance of Technology in the World of Agriculture

    Agriculture has been found to be one such area where the use of technology can transform the traditional ways, food was being produced before. The major concern for prioritizing this segment is the fact that the world’s population has been increasing at exponential rates, while the agricultural lands available are constant, that too is becoming infertile or scarce due to environmental degradation and global warming. Hence, there’s a major threat of food shortage if transforming measures to increase agriculture productivity are not taken at the right time.

    On the other hand, while using traditional farming methods, farmers are experiencing a tough business environment, difficult market conditions, and intense competition, more than ever before. Since the financial risks associated with less agricultural productivity are very significant, hence it is essential for farmers today to take better agribusiness-related decisions on all levels and at all phases of food production. The only way for farmers and producers to remain competitive in today’s digitally transforming world is to incorporate innovative solutions in all phases of the decision-making process of an agricultural setup.

    Need of Agriculture Solutions Providers

    This is the reason; the last decade has seen various Agriculture Solution Providers coming into existence with the aim of providing today’s farmers with all the tools they need to effectively manage their farms and livestock to achieve higher productivity and minimum wastage. The main aim of these systems is to bring data and efficiency to the agribusiness sector, to ensure on-time and accurate actions. Agriculture technology firms have designed these systems while incorporating powerful tools for data acquisition, data processing, and reporting that are needed for successful process management in the agribusiness environment. 

    Some of the leading agriculture solutions providers who are working in this domain to transform the methods of agribusinesses are listed below with their key features and benefits for the agribusiness industry.


    AgriERP is one stop farm management system that can optimize all farm operations by keeping track of inventory, planning seasonal harvest, and accounting for costs and labor. AgriERP is the right solution for all kinds of farming including fruit orchards, vegetable farms, cattle farms, sow farms, poultry farms, or ranches. Through this software, farmers can streamline their farm and field operations while maximizing their productivity and minimizing wastage.

    AgriERP is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and has been specifically customized to meet the operational and managerial needs of every farm and ranch. It is an advanced farm accounting and crop management software that can help to track and solve all kinds of agricultural management challenges and requirements.

    With the use of AgriERP, farmers can view and print live reports of their daily farming operations, they can define their field boundaries with easy-use tools, and they can also create and assign work orders for planting, spraying, and other operations. Farmers also get a dynamic view of the work being done in the field, they can map the farm and field structure and can also easily automate the planning process. 

    By automating the planning process, farmers can get an accurate idea of expenses for next season’s crop and can also print a bill of goods. This software can also help farmers for farm logistics management and financial reporting. Another interesting feature offered by AgriERP is the track record of active workers and their efficiency reports, which can give the farm owners clear visibility of employee performance, that can help them to take on-time actions

    SAP Agribusiness

    No doubt, SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software, and the most sought for the name in this domain. SAP offers its Agribusiness module to efficiently manage the agribusiness value chain and assure farm supply to quality. The focus of this module is to enable farmers to produce more, conserve resources, and improve their and consumers’ lives.  

    SAP Agribusiness can greatly help farmers to maximize efficiency and sustainability in farming and agricultural production, they can efficiently Improve their agricultural production by optimizing the management of farming operations and implementing data-driven farming processes. With SAP solutions, farmers can manage large farming operations efficiently, implement next-generation and data-driven farming processes, and manage agricultural data consistently across their enterprise. It also offers tools for enhancing the effectiveness of the maintenance processes, reducing downtime, optimizing time and resources, and bringing down maintenance costs related to agricultural production. 

    Microsoft Dynamics

    Microsoft Dynamics is also one of the top names in the list of agriculture solutions providers. It is a collection of integrated farm management software products that can help farmers to automate all tasks related to the agriculture industry. With the help of Microsoft Dynamics, farmers can manage end-to-end farm management operations efficiently, while automating various tasks and streamlining procedures. 

    Some of the features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 include advanced analytics tools, interactive reporting, and efficient CRM engagement. With the use of Microsoft Dynamics, 365 farmers can achieve better cost controls, improved quality management and efficient raw material sourcing. Also, Microsoft Dynamics 365 team is available for 24/7 support to its clients in case of any hurdle or confusion.


    FarmLogs is one of the pioneering farm management software introduced back in 2011. More than 50,000 agricultural enterprises today are being powered up by Farmlogs. This software offers an interactive and user-friendly solution for farm management. 

    The key features offered by Farmlogs are soil mapping, plant growth monitoring, field monitoring through satellite imagery or scouting, and Notifications for price fluctuations in local markets through zip codes. It also incorporates profit and loss calculations, Email notifications and much more.

    AGRIVI 360

    Another leading name in the list of agriculture technology firms is AGRIVI 360. It provides a comprehensive insight into crop production management with leading farm management software for farmers, food processing companies, and other agri-food value chain stakeholders. It incorporates easy-to-use farm management software with comprehensive reporting dashboards, an AI-based advisory platform, and end-to-end supply chain management of all farm operations.


    Although all agriculture management software is an investment to be done by the farmers, it can efficiently help to facilitate and improve farmers’ income by leveraging them to increase their farm’s productivity and get rid of undue wastage. Timely storage and transport facilities, along with efficient inventory and stock management can open up new horizons and options for farmers to explore the option of exporting their goods, while increasing their revenues exponentially. This will greatly contribute to the general well-being of farmers by saving their time and enabling them to make the most of their available resources.

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